originally from edinburgh, over the last 15 years I've had the good fortune to work on a huge variety of films, programmes and commercials, including 1 winner and 3 nominees at BAFTA, plus a bunch of others which have gone on to win awards at both home and abroad.
my concert music has featured in several recitals at the royal festival hall in london, and in 2006 I won the volkswagen score prize at the Berlin Film Festival. for a full list of credits and awards, please download a CV.

drumming was what got me into music - however, three years of music college followed by stints drumming with 3 bands that all enjoyed mixed fortunes, soon convinced that staring at a singers behind for a living was not going to work out for me.

first attempts at writing for short films ( 'The Ring' + 'Phillips Flashing Finger' ) met
with success and led to work for channel 4. armed with that blind self-belief unique to the
young (and drummers) i thought 'this is for me!' and set off for london to study at the
National Film School. the two years at the NFTS led to some great collaborations, and a
wake-up call that this music-to-picture thing wasn't as easy as it looked. but at least it keeps making a bit more sense with each new gig.

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