Studio - Kreuzberg, Berlin

the first dedicated writing space I had in London was so small, you could touch the opposing walls with your arms outstretched. recording live sources was a matter of chucking mics, speaker cabs and players in the corridor to the kitchen and hoping it didn't sound too weird - it's good to finally have room to roam

the acoustic treatment and placement was designed by Hannibal Acoustics in the UK, and transformed an OK room into a great space for both recording and mixing

original parquet flooring doesn't just look good, it helps maintain the balance between the room sounding too live or dead. the same can't be said for the AT-AT walker

the desk was custom built by local carpenter Oliver Jacob, who's a wonderful craftsman - his attention to detail and suggestions regarding ergonomics resulted in a desk that really enhances workflow

five meters of mahogany binding plus two days of steam bending, shouting and swearing = one beautiful piece of work

a drummer's gotta drum, the neighbour's gotta sleep - electronics keep the lynch mob at bay

this was the studio stripped back to the plaster

floor sanded, now just awaiting new electrics and extra thick double glazing

every year we get the Berlin Marathon and the Karnival der Kulturen passing along
the street - best seats in the house!

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