◊    composer for over 100 hours of TV and film, including major series such as
      WW2: Behind Closed Doors (BBC), Big, Bigger, Biggest (National Geographic)
      and Engineering Connections (BBC)

◊    scored the BAFTA + RTS Award winning documentary 'Mummifying Alan' in 2011

◊    won the VW Score Prize at the Berlin Film Festival in 2006

◊    composed music for 4 BAFTA nominated projects

◊    music and sound design for several Hugo and EDI Award winning commercials

◊    clients include the BBC, Discovery and National Geographic channels, PBS, Channel 4,
      Deutsche Welle and Five.

◊    commercial clients include VW, Nestle, Subaru, Procter & Gamble, IWC, Spar and PwC

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