andy findon - one half of the amazing team who transformed the traditional irish music for the
under a coloured cap - a poet on any
instrument you can blow into

chris foster - no one better to turn to when you need a choir or vocalist. any project is enhanced

when chris gets his address book out
spitfire audio - creators of some of the best orchestral sample libraries around, lovingly

recorded within the walls of Air Lyndhurst
dermot crehan - three times all ireland fiddle champion, dermot lent his skills to the film
under a coloured cap, and went way beyond the call of duty during the sessions. a fabulous player

and a total gent - invaluable music industry resource, full of advice on how to, why to and when not to.

always up to date and good for a giggle
sonic couture - these guys put together  virtual instruments that always get the creative juices

flowing, anything from a cristal baschet to a

shagged 303 in its dying throes. wonderful - audio and studio industry news, views and reviews, includes a monthly column

from yours truly
hannibal acoustics - yorkshire based company who did all the hard work figuring out the acoustics of

my studio and then supplied all the treatment to

make it sound great

hollow sun - another virtual instrument developer with a unique approach. retro 'sounds from a

forgotten future' is the theme, and it pays off time

and again

vi control - public forum for composers and developers to discuss making music with

computers. one of the best informed and friendly

places on the net
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· people who make my job fun
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