Sean O'Casey - Under A Coloured Cap

this documentary feature is a portrait of the irish author Sean O'Casey - the film tracks the life of O'Casey from his poverty stricken upbringing in dublin through to his final years as an international literary giant of the 20th century. a mass of archive sound recordings & footage of the author and his family is seen for the first time in the film. the soundtrack features the considerable talents of andy findon (whistle and flute) and dermot crehan (fiddle).

this clip centers on O'Casey's youth, growing up in the slums of dublin and his frustration at the inequality in ireland. features the author and Nobel prize winner Wole Soyinka.

this clip focuses on O'Casey's early life and the influence that Parnell - leader of the Irish Parlimentary Party - had on his political views, at a time when the British still ruled in Dublin.

here O'Casey introduces his work 'the juno and the paycock', setting the scene of the dublin uprising in 1922.

this clip features arthur miller talking about the opposition to O'Casey's work in new york during the 50's, and his admiration for the man.

production company: green crow productions

producer: mary beth yarrow

director: shivaun o'casey

drama + docu-drama
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