Vivienne Westwood photo shoot

in the fashion media there's the photo shoot idea of last resort, which goes something like this: take a bunch of non-models, stick them in a selection of this year's designs and marvel as the juxtaposition of haute couture vs. fish out of water reveals a core truth about the world we live in. hmmm - kind of works with pygmy tribespeople or trawlermen from Abroath, but Skillset prizewinners?.....

nonetheless it was a giggle - me and six other up coming filmic types got to spend an afternoon with 80's fashion icon Philip Sallon, getting dressed up in Vivienne Westwood and listening open mouthed to unrepeatable gossip from the last twenty years of London's great and good. goes without saying that without Philip's all seeing eye, i'd never have found my inner french-revolutionary-cum-bondage-fan

all made perfect sense at the time. i think

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