Duesenberg Imperial

i've a suspicion that Duesenberg are one of the most under rated guitar makers in the world - the quality of manufacture on them is top drawer, yet they float under the radar of most pickers in favour of the usual Gretches, Fenders and Gibsons

i got this Imperial from a shop in morecambe for less than half price - guy in the store said they just shouldn't shift the things. the mind boggles about what counts as a good quality guitar in the north west of england these days...

of course, this high up on the neck is just for show - anything beyond the 3rd fret on a guitar is a foreign land to me

so far helped convert four guitarists to the cult of Duesenberg - bit ironic, considering i'm a drummer

Fender Telecaster - American Vintage '62 Custom

first 'real' guitar i ever owned, it's the surf green harbinger of twang.

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