Dolby trip to L.A.

a hefty pat on the back from the Dolby corporation - as a 'well done' for winning the VW Score prize at the 2006 berlin film festival, Dolby flew me out to LA, where I spent a week swanning around the studio lots of Hollywood, under the watchful eye of Thom 'Coach' Ehle - stereo consultant extraordinaire, epicure and all round top man. eternal thanks to Graham Edmondson for putting it all together

conductor's podium at the late, great
TODD-AO scoring stage in Studio City
- only way to get even a glimmer of
its famous 'sound' now, is via an Altiverb
impulse response :-(
stick this in the White Cube gallery in london,
call it 'installation 3.5mm' and some nut will buy it for quarter of a million...

the control room at the Fox scoring stage - note the bazillion channel SSL desk,
since swapped out for a gazillion channel Neve

the conductors clock on the podium at Fox - used to time pizza delivery to
the studio.  the record stands at 2min 03.62 sec, for a calazone ordered
by Jerry Goldsmith

cable cupboard at Todd-AO - in a strange way, it's a thing of beauty

conductors podium at Todd-AO. note the lack of clock: the on site catering
at Todd-AO was of a very high standard, so there was no need to send
out for food

the live room at Fox, home the biggest orchestral bass drum in the world.
no, seriously.....

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