Babelsberg Studio Orchestra

i spent an enjoyable day with the babelsberg orchestra, working on material that eventually won the VW Score Prize. the orchestra's (then) home was a former east german radio recording studio in treptow, berlin. so as to to isolate the live room from outside noise and vibration, the entire thing is actually suspended by chains from the buildings superstructure.

a glorious, dark acoustic defines the live room - combine that with a neve VXS mixing desk, and you end up with a beautifully warm, liush sound. check out the animation 'Stars' for an example

a shot from studio 2, up to the control room above

not many studios can boast as impressive a reception area as this one.
nothing screams 'Work. Strive. Succeed!' quite as loud as black marble
and roman columns

collective noun for double basses? a 'huddle' - nicely demonstrated in this photo

dubbing mixer Michael Gerbes does his thing with the harrison mpc4-d console
at HFF in potsdam

a very relieved reid gurning for posterity, having nabbed the prize at the
berlin film festival

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