The Guggenheim - A Guest Appearance In Bonn

the largest exhibition in the history of the Guggenheim Bonn museum is the focus of this documentary, made for the Deutsche Welle network, which broadcasts throughout the world. a behind-the-scenes look at the exhibition's creation, it's also a visual feast of the best in western contemporary art.
in this clip, after a lengthy construction process, Matthew Ritchie's huge installation is shown in all its glory.

iconic works from the 'new york school' are put on display

paintings drawn from the genre of 'pop art' take their place in the exhibition

production company: deutsche welle, berlin

producer / director: hanne kehrwald

drama + docu-drama
· mostly martha
· going down
· kickdown
· girl in the layby
· the ring
· ww2: behind closed doors
· the somme: from defeat to victory
· mummifying alan
· big bigger biggest
· engineering connections
· hunger in a world of plenty
· my brilliant brain
· the guggenheim
· under a coloured cap
· helicopter wars
· survival
· stars
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